Equity markets look like they are back on depression watch this morning with the ES futures down 20 while the dollar is up and all the commodities are down.

Some support areas to watch include 985 on the ES which is the 20 day EMA an area that has not been hit since July- and of course RSI 2 which as I type is about 14 in the pre market.

Initial take - markets probably a buy later today - no rush -

YM 20 period EMA at 9115 and RSI 2 at 14;

NQ 20 period EMA at 1589 and RSI 2 also at 14;

Note the 50 day SMA on the SPX 945 and the EMA 20 at about the same area as the ES 985.

So what will become of Alexis when she gets dumped for IMUS?;

Chinese stock market dragging us down after it dragged us up?;

Quint on his toes;


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