Markets didn't quite make it back to the midday highs but they did recover quite a bit from the BB lows.

SPX +8, NAZ +22 and DJIA +50.

Strongest sectors- gaming, internets, real estate, reits and small caps while metals, junk, oil service and energy lagged.

NYSE- 1300 net green;

NAZ- 1100 net green;

NDX 79 green;

SPX - 375 green;

VIX- down 5% at 24.3;

TRIN - 1.28 up volume 2x the down.

Gold went down after 11 while the dollar went up after 11 so they seem to be back in sync.

Sold most of my SSO today into the late day ramp and expecting some selling the rest of the week - seems like they wanted to get it done today but bulls were saved at the end - thinking it won't happen tomorrow or Friday.
Also thinking a sell off will be more severe than the bulls would like -


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