Futures are trading a little green this AM as the jobs numbers came in near expectations although the unemployment rate did tick up a hair- also some of the earlier numbers were revised to the down side.

Its the long 3 day weekend and the bias is generally to the upside for the day-

Some comments this morning about the move in gold and treasuries and how/why gold is going up while interest rates go down- and equities hang in all the while-

Some folks expecting some kind of major event such as a major bank issue, an attack on Iran- or something else unknown-

No idea but I did dump some DGP/PAAS yesterday on the big run up and will probably buy it back if prices sink lower.

RSI 2 levels in the middle of the range at/near 50 on the major indexes while the VIX has settled down and is now about 5% above the SMA 10.

ES Futures dipped back to the flat line while I was typing- back later.