Markets opened nicely higher but hit a bump at a 10.00 AM when the consumer confidence came out - and worst then expected.

SPX- FLAT, NAZ -2.5 and DJIA -5.

Strongest sectors- gaming, ags, homies and metals while internets, junk and tech lag.

NYSE- 300 net green;
NAZ- flattish internals;

SPX 275/215 green to red;


VIX- flat;

Picked up some SSO on the confidence dip and now nicely green and I suspect we get back to the day's highs before too long.

Markets a bit over bought here but its a bull market so the long side remains the play in my opinion.

BESPOKE on the ratios;

Jeff Saut - whith his performance preassure;

The V recovery;

Obama right up there despite the right;


Blogger tamworth said...

David, why wouldn't Obama's approval ratings be high? He promises everything to everyone....and now the projected costs for his programs are going to be a lot higher than projected (duh)....

That's how folks get elected..promise something for nothing..it's the socialist way!! Something for nothing!!! The Fascists and the Nazis promised that, too...follow the Government....they know best!!

Didn't work out so good, did it??

1:57 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...

TW- have you been following the news - healthare, Glenn Beck, You Lie, Unemployment- etc- etc- his ratings are down but on par with Clinton and Reagan at similar points

9:14 PM  

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