Equity markets are higher but well off their best levels as the financials lag.

SPX +8, NAZ +20 and the DJIA +75.

Strongest sectors- metals, gaming, emerging markets, semis, homies and trannies while nat gas, junk, banks, internets and brokers lag.

NYSE -1700 net winners;

NAZ- 1100 net winners;

SPX - 430/65


TRIN- .72 - up volume about 6x the down;

VIX- down about 7% at 22.9 and still above the SMA 10.

The dollar is down about .6% and not sure where support is - it was 75 which is now resistance/

GOLD up at $1195 and just fed some DGP ducks - and will hopefully buy back lower.

Financials are definitely lagging and that could be signalling a sell off later today- in the mean time I am sticking with EWA EEM EWZ and TECH- I suspect buyers will come in later and the fins will join the party as beginning of December is probably a good time for equities.

Gartman with some under the radar issues.

Equity appetite waning?


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