Futures were ramping last night on the heels of the news of the Irish accepting a bailout to the tune of 100B Euros- and the EURO was smoking and the dollar dipping. This morning not so much as the futures have flipped to flat and the dollar back to near flat.

Gold/Silver/Crude all up a hair after being up significantly over night.

RSI 2 levels over bought and up near 80- on most major indexes with the RUT higher and the DJIA lower.

Lots of folks take the short week off but the Quant has some interesting stats on this week and the Monday after.

SAC Capital in the cross hairs - fine line between great info and inside info - to be determined.

A strong holiday season - hmmm.

Debunking the ETF issues- probably.

Putbacks now could get some attention.

Finally- that great options trader Lenny back in the news as some folks stop at nothing when it comes to repossessing your stuff.


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