Since I am the decision maker on this blog, this will be the final post of the day as I don't expect much action and I need to visit the gym. And we are going to show those North Koreans by not shipping them Jet Skiis and IPODS? YIKES.

Back to the markets, the NAZ is being kept afloat to some degree by the SEMIS while the DJIA is lower on the heels of crummy action in T BA DD and DIS.

Strongest sectors are the semis, GOOG, silver, software, tech, oils, emerging markets and metals; biggest losers include biotech, trannies, gaming, drugs, homies, brokers and retail.

Market internals continue weak with the NDX showing 40 winners; the OEX with 35 and the SPX with about 200 up and 300 down.

A net of 300 losers on the NYSE with 250 net red on the NAZ.

Strongest stocks include FII SWK KLAC JNPR VRSN NIHD CAT and ATI while AMGN MEDI CDWC JOYG WFMI HAR and EMI are the weakest of the big caps.

Action in key stocks is mixed with GOOG ICE and KLAC green and GS MER MS and AAPL red.

Lower prices this afternoon would not be surprising as the internal action in the major market indexes will probably trump the "better /more neutral looking" action on the NYSE and NAZ internals.