Not sure if my ears aren't working of late or if the CNBC folks have given up on the question of whether the financials have bottomed. If you have not noticed- they stopped going down of late and have out performed the recently deemed safe space of tech.

Note XBD BKX AIG BAC C JPM MS CME NYX all green again while techs such as semis, MSH, XLK HHH GOOG RIMM AAPL BIDU YHOO MSFT INTC IBM all lower.

Also note one other chart of interest- the US$$$ index - the 50 SMA crossing above the 200 SMA- usually seen as pretty pretty pretty bullish for the asset class.

Back to the polls- intrade.com with Obama and McCain back at the same old same old 60/40 odds- and its all about Sarah for now. And it will all change as we await the first debate - coming up on 9/29.


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