Checking the charts - pretty pretty interesting as the NAZ/NDX seems to be falling as the dollar is climbing- many tech sales are over seas - hence negative exchange rates and lower profits and not going unnoticed.

The XLF also not going unnoticed - seems to be sticking with the bottom on July 15 (so far) while other indexes may not be dipping below (SPX 1200) but are getting pretty pretty close. And with FRE/FNM news out before the session tomorrow - these stocks could rip higher tomorrow like they did in the after hours on Friday.

Oil seems to be following the dollar or vice versa- but either way the trend is down- and even strong hurricanes don't seem to impact the price. And its kind of dumb to think the $100 level will hold since the 15 month range has been between $60 and $147.

Barrons with some good stuff this week starting with an interview of Charles Maxwell - an energy analyst at Weeden -

Maxwell sees a pretty pretty high price of oil going forward and the following are some highlights from the interview:

How high do you think the price of oil will go from here?

We will see $300 a barrel -- or roughly $250 in today's dollars -- because oil supply will be so short. If you want that oil, that's what you will have to pay for it. That will be in 2015, after the peak of oil [supply]. But even earlier, around 2010, more than 50% of the non-OPEC world will have peaked in its production of oil so the dependence on OPEC will become extreme. That will give OPEC a chance, I'm afraid, to lift prices rather more quickly on us than they are doing today.

Where do you see energy investment opportunities right now?

The tar sands, particularly those in western Canada, will be one area where the oil industry will continue. That includes companies like Suncor Energy (ticker: SU) and EnCana (ECA), both of which are on my buy list. They are integrated energy companies with big exposure to natural gas. EnCana has a deep asset base, huge North American land holdings and a disciplined management team. My target price, which is for the next 18 months to two years, is $112, compared with around $67 recently. My price target for Suncor is $90 (versus about $50 last week) but it might take three or four years to get to that level.

What kind of world can we expect to live in with all of these changes?

It will be a little simpler. Your friends are going to be a little closer to you than they were before. Your vacations are going to be a little closer to home. You are going to have lower temperatures in the house. We will drive smaller cars with less horsepower, but they will get 60 to 80 miles to the gallon, enabling us to stretch gasoline supplies a lot further. There are going to be thousands of new adjustments leading to new investment opportunities. But the adjustment to that rising oil price, which could take as long as 20 years, will be a very harsh social experience -- not only for our society, but for every society.

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