Markets look to open way down yet again as Sarah seems to be unable to get the right mojo working on wall street- Not sure how much is a reaction to her or just how bad the BUSH economy may be.

Anyhow, BESPOKE- on the recent action in the NDX- (safe tech from most pundits);

Technicals from TRADER MIKE with the SMA 50 and OBV;

And how does Peggy Noonan really feel about Sarah?

Intrade.com showing Sarah to be yanked at 9% with Obama and McCain at the usual 60/40- so no bounce yet for the betting pols;

Finally, Sarah the sportscaster;


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on my friend. Crookmer Cramer called the bottom a couple of weeks ago & everything should be lollipops & ice cream. lol Especially when numb nuts wants the FDIC to keep all the bad assets of failed banks & sell the good. Nothing like a covert bailout.

12:28 PM  

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