Markets continue to move lower and shorting the upticks continues to be the play - and how awful is the RUT yet again - down 7.25% as I type while the SPX /DJIA both down only 6% after the big moves up last week.

Looking for a close near the lows yet again with the next bounce near 8400 on the DJIA looking to be a place to begin putting out more shorts.

Market internals only getting worse with the DJIA showing all 30 lower with the JPM GE C AA BAC all showing the way lower- GS not in the index but ugly as its down +15%.

VIX higher by 15% at near 64.

RSI (2) levels down at 25 on most major indexes and I suspect a move near 10 in the near term.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting choice of pictures! As a New Yorker, I'd ask:

Q: What do the 3 people have in common?

A: Unfortunately, there all losers and they live and/or play in New York.


2:41 PM  
Blogger tamworth said...

Barry just wants Hillary out of the way for his 2012 run..smart move actually...

I mean she's got more experience than Henry Kissenger, for sure!!!!!

But we all know that because Henry served under Republican administrations, that despite winning a Nobel Peace Prize, he was an idiot, right??

3:38 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...

Hey how bout them markets closing at the lows- and all 3 were in the news- my own amusement

5:18 PM  

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