Markets are higher but they don't look all that strong to this fish. RUT futures teetering in green and about to break to red. It is mark up March 31- and not sure how that will impact- today.

Strong sectors- banks, real estate, brokers and internets while homies, retail and trannies lag.

NYSE- 960 net green;

NAZ- 720 net green;

NDX/OEX- 70 GREEN on each but way off the best levels;

VIX- down a hair at 44.4;

Gold - flat Crude down 50 cents;

Markets bounced from the SMA 50 area on the SPX at 790- but they don't seem to have juice today to keep this rally moving- mark ups- not sure - but I suspect they will end by 3 EST.

Watching the RUT as that is lagging big;


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