Great seats for the Mets still available;

Toddo on the real estate time bomb;

Love these charts on Diversification;

Soros agreeing with Rogers;

PIMCO selling Treasuries;

Waggoner GONZO- wonder if twas a precondition for more loot?;

The extremes from Ticker Sense;

Sector trading ranges from BESPOKE;

GOP Comeback without dubya;

The strange Gasparino (too funny);

Wall street on the tundra;

Another GS bailout;

DR BRETT Coaching linkfest;

This guy will do very very well thank you very much;

Remaining Wall streeters - look out;

And from Sy Hersh and the New Yorker;

And the drones the drones;

The most from LinkedIn;

And another Celeb TWITTERER;
And if Louisville was not in your final 4, to you really mind seeing Pitino lose- he just chases the money- and happy to see him go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good links today

Here is one I look at to get some perspective http://dshort.com/charts/bears/four-bears-large.gif I like to see where we have been.

I think Fast Money will go down hill from here. Dylan was the glue that made that show. I think we will get stuck with Harvard girl and Jeff runs right over her. I think MacKay needs to take the pebbles out of his mouth. Erin does the best job but she has alot on her plate already. Guess I'll just have to depend on the Sharkreport more. You will have to start limiting your fishing trips.

As far as Pitino goes, I think he is a very good college coach. PRO...not so much. I may be a little biased since Billy D was one of his assistents when he was at KU. He always seemed to coach with class. I would put Izzo in the same group. Now if he sells out Louville and goes back to KU I have to right to change my mind. lol

Go Gators! (spring practic has stated in football)

8:17 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...


9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Marketwatch has a nice article on Ratigan.

Go Gators

10:32 PM  

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