Markets closed the day down after chopping around - but closing a bit off the worst levels of the day. SPX -17 at 816 and the NAZ -42.

Strongest sectors- bonds, telecom, ags, utils and retail while real estate, brokers and energy lagged.

NYSE- 1600 net losers;

NAZ- 1390 net losers;

VIX- up a whole 2% at 41.15;

TRIN- 2.03 light volume with down volume overwhelming the up;

Gold down $10 at $923 and crude at about $52;

Dumped some SKF into the close and will probably reload next week - who know where it opens Monday in light of the recent volatility and the underlying derivatives- its really just a day trading vehicle and the 3X ETF's are worse.

RSI (2) levels in low 40's for most major indexes so probably a bounce on Monday as the end of month markerupperrers have one last chance in March.


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