A little morning amusement - an update to how the markets are performing under the new President:

SPX +1.1% since inauguration and -19% since election day;

NDX +8.8% since inauguration and -10% since election day;

RUT -1.6% since inauguration and -22% since election day;

DRG -6.5% since inauguration and -12% since election day;

George W. Bush from beginning to end (January 20, 2009):

SPX -40%;

NDX -57%;

DJIA -24.9%;

DRG -35%

RUT -11%;

Not sure many folks saw dubya as the President who would see the small caps outperform the drug stocks under his reign.


Blogger tamworth said...

If you think socializing everything is the answer, you're wrong. Wait until the bear market rally runs it's course during the first two years of Barry's administration...and we had back down again...then will it still be Geoge's fault??

Besides it was your Barney boy who said everything was fine..the requirement to lend to every tom, dick, and harry with loose rules was not a George idea..it was a democrat idea....

10:49 AM  
Blogger DAVID said...

I just put up numbers- they are what they are

1:29 PM  
Blogger tamworth said...

The S&P even with it's "fantastic" rally is stil 15% lower than where it was when Obama was elected and yet in Oct. of 1007 the S&P hit an all-time high under Bush.

The numbers are what they are!!!
It's obvious you love complete socialism..all you've done is criticize George even while the Dems pass their laws and now your boy is in and you control Congress so I'm sure everything will be all better...we'll see won't we???

No excuses now...you control it all!!!

1:42 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...

Yes and as I remember republicans controlled everything from 2001 through 2006 - as I tell my bird - GOOD JOB

4:41 PM  

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