More crazy action as the open gets sold yet again led down by the NQ and the techs/semis- SPX currently +9, NAZ +1 and the DJIA +88.

Strongest sectors ENERGY, real estate, fins, brokers, ags and homies while semis, retail, tech and internets lag.

SPX internals- 350 green 140 red;

NYSE- 1500 net green;

NAZ- 900 net green;

TRIN- .97 with up volume almost 4x the down;

VIX- down 1 at 32.5;

Looks like rotation is the name of the game - out of tech and the NAZ stocks and into energy - and this has been happening for a few days so if you want to play along - DIG/QID may be a nice trade for a while.

Tough to get a major down draft in the major indexes while the internals are as strong as they are this morning - so if you want to play dips its probably wise to buy the SSO/DIG - I tried SRS earlier and was stopped - still short QID and long DIG.


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