Looks like we are off to the races again as the equity futures and over seas markets are higher yet again and the RSI (2) levels have hit the magic 100 level.

Top calling everywhere and in one location where one typically doesn't find it - so maybe he is on to something;

Another fade;

Dividend yield BPS;

YTD best sector of course;

Smarter Americans;

Not so confident;

I like this woman;

NBC again;

Hamzei with a bullish picture;

More technical topping;

Better than expected;

ADP- hah;

Another bust;

Finally- every one bashing the President as the market dropped in his first few weeks in office - well look now - since inauguration day the SPX is +14.2% - and if you look at how the last guy did - who was universally loved by business - 8 year return on the SPX -40%.


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