Early morning and the futures are trading higher as China's economy seems to be picking up - and has Whitney lost her mojo- we should know the answer pretty pretty soon as we watch the financials trade.

ES +2;

NQ +3;

YM +32;

Gold moving on up and now near the $920 area while silver is up to $14.2 and crude is getting ready to touch $60- the $$$$ down at 82.44- and the EURO up to 1.365- the dollar moving down is generally bullish for equities ;

The execs at GM seem to think the stock is toast and check the foreclosures in the Motor city;

Hulbert on the Copppock;

The FED looking for its MOJO;

Jason on 140 characters;

USA and the new Air Force;

Stocks on the Cheap;

The Intellectually Challenged rally;

And right back where we started from;


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