The SPX closed yesterday at/near the high of the day and near the highest level since January 6- and I must confess I don't remember that ramp as it came crashing down prettty quickly.

Anyhow, lots of folks expecting the markets to race back to those levels and then retrace - leaving a perfect set up for dip buyers to get into the rip roaring bull- no doubt it isn't going to work out exactly that way-however, do note all that over head resistance and the SMA 200- smackdown-

Rosie going out thinking this rally isn't the real thing sucka - and he is pretty good;

BESPOKE- CDS fear trade;

WSJ on all those stressful tests;

GOLF experiencing some economic issues;

When do these guys ever learn;

Maybe some resolution soon;

More difficult times in the middle east;

Long the NAT GAS;

Cramer and friends on the UPTICK letter- dopey - have they not noticed the market has gone straight up without the uptick rule- and the one penny spreads;

And after seeing all the Yankee third baseman this season - which Yankee fan will ever complain again about AROD and his 554 meaningless home runs and awful clutch hitting?


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