Sorry for the technical glitches but TSR is back and ready to ready to roll.

Barron's this week- shooting a hole in the gun stocks- Steve Sears on how TWEET it is- and calling out some terrific tweeter-bullish on SYK - not sure I agree with this one as margins look to be problematic with new health care issues- and Platinum - looking good.

Checking the markets - the SPX is getting into some interesting territory - the SMA50 is about to cross over the down sloping SMA 200 - implications - here are some thoughts-

Currently the SPX is about 20 points above the SMA 50 and the RSI (2) is about 68 while the VIX is about 5.5% under its SMA 10. More on the VIX check out what Bill recently wrote.

My take on equities- pretty simple- if the dollar heads lower equities and commodities generally go higher - - check the Quant and his take.

Dr. Brett talks about his twitter updates and the value added to traders- and he is good.

My fellow SHS alumnus Alan Blinder with his take on why Inflation isn't the danger.

Not sure if this chart is bullish or not-

And how about those folks at FOX- not on my cable system (CVC) and losing viewers to CNBC.

Finally - Iran and what happens there- if you want to follow the best on TWITTER for coverage- check this witness and the person who probably won the election- it is happening quickly and no better place to follow than twitter - and the people eventually get what they want and I suspect that is whats next.


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