Futures are trading higher this morning on the heels of yesterday's sell off and now some over sold conditions- and yes it looks like QLD long from the close is looking ok and may take it off soon enough.

Not sure I want to get all beared up looking at the chart above - but to each their own.

And BBY disappoints with its retail news and the comps look like the biggest problem.

ES +3.25;

NQ +6;

YM +25;

Also back to the bullish indications for equities - dollar down, gold/crude/commodities higher and nat gas another 3% higher.

Other stuff this morning:

In Iran - one indication of a counting problem;

Kellner looking for more dollar weakness;

Value Line less- bullish - wonder where they were at SPX 1575?

BESPOKE on Growth vs. Value;

DR. BRETT on 10 day high followed by 10 day low;

Overbought and Oversold ETF's;

And who isn't tired of hearing from the other BRETT;


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