Markets open mixed with lots of cross currents interfering with a clear market direction call.

The DJIA is +36, NAZ and SPX +2 and the outperformer is IWM, up about .7%. When does that big cap over small cap come back into play?

Strongest sectors are airlines, silver stocks, trannies, small caps, biotech,oils, homies and drugs while metals, brokers, gaming, banks and semis lag.

AAPL and GS have flipped to green while GOOG ICE CME MER MS IAI are all somewhat red.

Volatility indexes are slightly higher.

Market internals are strong on the NYSE with about 900 more green than red and closer to flat on NAZ with 350 more green than red.

The OEX shows about 70 winners; the NDX about 60 winners and about 310 green on the SPX. So let me restate my position- more bullish.


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