Markets chopping around in sloppy action and the SPX was clearly rejected at the first go at 800- next time it looks to go through as mark up folks probably see an opportunity to bust some stops and ramp SPX into 805+.

Banks, fins, real estate, brokers and metals leading while homies, oil service, retail and ags lagging.

NYSE- 1465 net green;

NAZ- 900 net green;

OEX/NDX about 80 GREEN on each;

VIX- down 4% at 43.65;

TRIN- .87 with Up volume almost 4x the down;

RUT/MID with a bid now and no longer lagging- SPX 800 on the radar as many see resistance there and if it pop through - higher.

Looking for a FAS long as fins starting to get jiggy;


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