A fairly uneventful day as markets gapped down over night and basically stayed with out going to any great extreme in either direction- if this had happened three months ago we probably would have closed down 350 on the DJIA -

Strongest sectors today included drugs, gold, commodities, semis and retail while materials, reits and homies lagged.

NYSE - 2500 net losers;

NAZ- 1900 net losers;

SPX - 46 green and 455 red;

NDX- 8 green;

VIX - higher by 6% at 33.65;

Heavier volume at 1.8 b shares with down volume about 12x the up;

RSI (2) levels generally near 10 with big indexes a hair over and NAZ/NDX lower at about 5;

Today - just some quick day trades with some winners SRS QID and some losers SSO -

Tomorrow - if we gap down than a trade to the upside seems like the correct strategy - but will watch and wait -


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