Markets closed mixed with the SPX down a point, DJIA +50 and the NAZ -15.

Strong sectors included metals, ags, drugs, energy and telecom while banks, homies, trannies and semis lagged.

NYSE- 550 net losers;

NAZ - 900 net losers;

SPX - 180+ and 320 down;

RUT - 530+ and 1320 down;

TRIN- 1.76 with down about 3x the up volume;

VIX - down 3.5% at 31.75;

Gold up near $925 and crude fell back a bit from early highs to $56;

Equity markets resilient today as the early strength was sold and then the weakness was bought and bought heavily- except for the NDX which was the weakest area all day.

And expecting a flip tomorrow - long NDX qqqq all at/near 200 SMA - anxious to see if she holds.

Roger back in the news DENY DENY DENY;

YANKS trying to sell old seats - since new seats not selling so well;

Jim Rogers- getting ready for dollar crisis;


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