Markets closed higher but off their best levels led by the tech heavy NAZ/NDX - SPX +9 and NAZ +25;

Strongest sectors - banks, real estate, fins, ags and semis while retail, drugs, energy and telecom lagged.

SPX - 377 green;

NDX - 80 green;

NYSE - 1300 net green;

TRIN - .67 with up volume about 4x the down;

VIX- lower by 6.75% at 31.4;

Strange day as the internals were strong all day while the markets had a few decent sized sell offs during the afternoon- and it absolutely didn't close at/near the highs.

I had some good trades in UNG DIG and SSO - and holding some QLD over night-

RSI (2) levels still over sold near 40 on major indexes and now we have a pretty good stop level at/near today's lows or the 875/880 level on the SPX. Seems like lots of buyers want to get in at that area.


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