Futures are trading down a bit but above fair value after the move up in futures after the cash close on Friday- that's as of 7:30 PM eastern time.

Not all that much excitement in Barron's this weekend with the big headline being that US issues paper may be over valued and maybe the Chines will not continue to buy our paper- well breaking news - If you believe - and I do - one can buy the TBT and go short the US 20 year paper 2x.

RSI (2) levels getting a little oversold with the major indexes at/near 25- with the XLE/DIG near 11- so a bounce in the energy sector may preclude a bounce in the overall markets.

Gold trading up over $930 while the dollar is also moving up - crude higher with gold while natty gas is getting hit and ags are down across the board.

Barry has been playing up this chart and it is pretty interesting;

Wall street Cheat sheet with a the thrill of a tril;

Lots of folks bullish on ags;

Yanks with the Big K so far;

The Quant with the bad Breadth;


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