Markets are set to open lower and every one asking the same question - yeah - how low are we going and is this the beginning of a new downtrend- don't know but I have my stops in place near the SPX 875 area - and check Quint- he is pretty pretty good.
I am still long and strong DBA/DBC - sold some UNG yesterday and looking for another entry point. Also looking at MOO/POT/MOS as those are some of the strongest areas in the markets.

Nick Fenton with his ticker tank;

Jason on when to IGNORE;

Kass on chasing value;

This can't be that bad;

The YHOO now bullish on YHOO;

BIG on the stocks over the 50 SMA;

More TARP and is there any chance they don't need it in light of comp restrictions to come?;

Corey on TICKS;

Discipline and playing your strengths;


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