Its early but the futures are again trading higher and I suspect this gap gets filled pretty quickly -

ES +5;

NQ +5.5;

YM +45;

Checking the slight over bought conditions- RSI (2) levels as follows:

NQ 89

ES 84

YM 90

SPX 77

NDX 84

RUT 78


In addition -the VIX has been sinking of late and now sits at 30.24 - about 7% below its SMA 10;

Crude is higher and trades at/near $60.5 while gold is up a hair at $920+;

The dollar down a bit and the EURO up a bit;

After yesterday's big up day - some thoughts from Dr. Brett and Jason with some observations on the high ticks;

A nice article on the end game of debt to GDP;

Looks like more folks with problems on the Madoff case;

Consumers are still spending on these;

Trader Mike with his tech take- and low volume yesterday;

Predicting trends;

Exchange bonanza in OTC overhaul;

And Roger on the next bull market in energy;


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