Equity markets refuse to pull back and are making inter day highs as I type - SPX +5, NAZ +8 and the DJIA +52.

Strongest sectors-nat gas, silver, metals, reits, drugs and consumers while airlines, energy service, internets, gaming and bonds lag.

NYSE- 665 net winners;

NAZ- 130 net winners;



VIX- down 1.2% at 16.3- and about 4% below the SMA 10;

TRIN- .65 while up volume is a bit more than double the down;

GOLD higher by $12 at 1163 with a big fat RSI 2 reading of 100.

RSI 2 readings on major indexes between 80 and 90- and the march to SPX 1200 continues in my opinion- Haven't posted much of late as I have been busy with some CPA stuff-

Recent buys include SNY SMH and holding for now ;


MORE 1200

Equity markets continue to move higher and the next stop of 1200 looks like it will be here sooner rather than later.

Today the SPX closed at 1,187- up about 9 points while the DJIA under performed - closed up 46 at 10973.

Strongest sectors included gaming, nat gas, semis, reits, real estate and small caps while airlines, bonds, drugs and biotechs lagged.

Market internals were very strong with the NYSE showing 1530 net winners and the NAZ with about 1250 net green.

SPX with 400 green and 96 red;

RSI 2 levels above 90 on most major indexes- while the VIX is a bit under the SMA 10.

Not willing to call a short term top but tomorrow is the turnaround Tuesday - we will see - Longs of late for this fish:

BMY MGM XLE DBC EWA EWC- and looking to buy more stuff on pullbacks-