Equities are higher as the GS scandal gets put on the back burner yet again- The SPX +8.5, NAZ +14 and the DJIA +35.

Strongest sectors- gaming, energy service, energy, Canada, homies, semis and banks while nat gas, biotech, airlines, brokers and drugs lag.

NYSE- 1800 net winners;

NAZ- 1,000 net winners;

SPX- 414/80- up to down;

NDX- 73/26 up to down;

TRIN- .88 with up volume about 5x the down;

VIX- 16 and down about 7.6% and a bit under the SMA 10;

Gold - Up about $4 at 1140;

Oil- Up a buck and change at $84+.

Bottom line - the bull market continues and a move to the recent highs near 1215 is probably baked in the cake- this fish long EWC EWZ MGM MSFT and others - so a pretty pretty good day so far-