At noon equities are near the flat line with the exception of the NAZ/NDX which are down about .5% -

Strongest sectors- oil service, drugs, consumers, energy, banks and real estate while gaming, semis, tech, metals, homies and small caps lag.

NYSE- 250 net losers;

NAZ- 750 net losers;

SPX- 213/280;
NDX - 23/75;


VIX - 25.4 flat on the day and trading near the SMA 10;

GOLD- down $3 at 1225;

10 year Note- rate up a hair at 2.614%;

The Baltic Dry index may be hinting at something;

Barry on housing;

Equities were strong at the open with the DJIA up by about 80 points but quickly sold off as tech led lower- No clue for any particular reason but it just did-

Looking for a choppy market for the balance of the day with a little bias to the upside- and a little interesting how European markets look to be closing to the upside;